「全民英檢i學網」由國家發展委員會以及財團法人語言訓練測驗中心(LTTC)合作推出,係運用LTTC專利技術 (GEPT聽診室)之個人化英語聽讀能力診斷回饋系統,且為免費開放給學習者使用之數位學習平台。
Jointly launched by the National Development Council and the Language Training & Testing Center (LTTC), GEPT iPrep is a digital learning platform that provides personalized diagnostic feedback on learners’ listening and reading proficiencies in English using LTTC-patented technology, Dr. GEPT. The platform is free and open to all learners.
The letter "i" in the name of the platform designates digital learning, mobile learning, and smart learning, highlighting the nature of the platform and its user-centered features. With this platform, learners can plan their own progress in English. They can also complete pressure-free practice tests before taking the actual listening and reading tests of the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT).


  • 官方全真題庫:提供出自「全民英檢」官方題庫之初級、中級、中高級(相當於CEFR A2、B1、B2級)聽力、閱讀測驗試題。
  • 即時能力預測:學習者可先利用平台中的自我診斷、自我測試功能,快速獲得英語能力落點預測。
  • 專屬個人回饋:在完整作答模擬測驗後,即時獲得「個人化」的診斷回饋,包括:聽讀能力指標達成率、強弱項分析、尚未精熟之單字與句型、後續學習建議等。
  • 行動化自主學習:可從手機、平板電腦等行動裝置輕鬆登入使用,另具備學習歷程功能,可記錄學習軌跡。


On GEPT iPrep, learners can enjoy these features:

  • Official Test Items: Learners will have access to a wealth of listening and reading test items from the official test bank of the GEPT at the elementary, intermediate, and high-intermediate levels (equivalent to CEFR A2, B1, and B2).
  • Instant Proficiency Assessments: Learners can first use the self-assessment scales and self-assessment tests to quickly assess their own English proficiency.
  • Personalized Feedback: Upon completion of the practice test, learners will receive personalized diagnostic feedback. This feedback will include indicators of their listening and reading proficiencies, analysis of their strengths and weaknesses, unfamiliar words and sentence patterns, and follow-up study suggestions.
  • Mobile Learning: Learners can easily log in on a mobile device such as a mobile phone or tablet computer, and the system will keep track of their progress.

Let GEPT iPrep guide you on your path to better English!